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Accidentally Deleted My Novel

August 12, 2011

This is true.

I was going through old files on my memory sticks, deleting redundant files.  On my oldest I saw a bunch of music files in the root directory, selected them and deleted them.  Somewhere among them was my novel, and most of my writing.  I had assumed it was in the directory called “Backup.”  It was not.

Usually, there is a vertiginous moment that comes the instant I have committed some incomparable, irreparable blunder such as this.  All reality gives a half-twist and my stomach follows, even while the realization is still preconscious.  This did not happen; I only had a flat, cold-marble-slab feeling, while my brain came up with half-truths: it’s not that big a deal.  It wasn’t that good.  It was going nowhere anyway.

Long story short, I managed to recover most of what I’d lost with the aid of a hastily-purchased commercial undelete program.  The reason I could not recover everything was that I used WinRar to bundle the files, and the recovered archives were corrupted.  I could only uncorrupt the files from the summer of 2005; unless I spend more money, everything I did in 2006 may be lost to me.  If I had not been so religious with saving old redundant backups, I might be in far worse shape.

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