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I Wish You Liked What I Like

July 7, 2011

Normally, when I do my volunteer shift at the hospital, I bring along my Sony Reader. Today, though, I’d neglected to download any new books for it and the thought of chewing through Trollope was not appetizing. So I instead lugged two and a half pounds (softcover) of Charles Bohner’s Short Fiction: Classic and Contemporary along.

I’d implicitly assumed that reading stories I’d read before would rob them of their power, but then diamonds don’t get any softer no matter how many times you’ve looked at them before. Each was as complex and beautiful as an ecosystem. Read more…


In Which A Workman Blames His Tools

July 7, 2011

I remember an incident, back when I was a child, when I was Right and they were Wrong. (Everybody has these, I know. Please bear with me.) The teacher had asked her seventh grade class if a circle was a lot of very short lines, all connected, or one single straight line that was bent. In my mind I saw a triangle become a square, the square become a pentagon, dividing and repeating itself, devolving into the infinitude of a circle. To my surprise, the rest of the class opted for the other answer. Read more…